Melody Isis Somerset Townsend, a fine-arts student at  West Virginia University, can move healing energy in ways that other’s cannot. It’s normal for her, but she keeps it hidden. It’s just a strange thing she does without thinking, but it makes people uncomfortable. So she tries not to get caught in the act. But there’s more to the story than Melody knows — she’s the granddaughter of a powerful natural healer, a hedge-witch, a grandmother she has not been allowed to see since the age of three, and her talents are stronger than she knows due to the binding. But the binding, carefully hidden from Melody, will not last forever. Its time is about to run out. With only a few weeks left before the binding breaks on her 23rd birthday, someone is watching out for her. Suddenly she is running into one handsome man in odd places so frequently, she thinks it must be destiny. Even stranger, her mother is taking an interest in her life. Then there is that menacing sensation of being watched. Strange behavior, strange people, and a perfect stranger don’t add up. But they will when she is no longer Spellbound.

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